Compacting sand, gravel, hardcore or other confirmed spaces is made easier with a reliable rammer ensuring a professional result.

Stihl Posthole Borer

This Posthole Borer is packed with power; it’s what professionals use on tough terrain where power and light weight are a priority.

Finishing Lawnmower

Garden Lawnmower 14 inch cut grass collector.

14 inch Vibrating Plates

Ideal for curbs, gutters, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction.

Honda Rough Cut Lawnmower

Makes short work of long grass, brambles weeds and puts the finishing touch on your beautiful landscape areas.

18 inch Vibrating Plates

Suitable for narrow area wither compacting sand, bedding in paving or gravel.

Paslode Nail Gun

The Paslode IM350+ provides increased reliability and extended service intervals. Features a new nose design for improved grip and a dual action rafter and belt hook.

Ground Tiller

Suitable for freshening up ground surfaces for the new seasons, before ground preparation, planting or laying turf.


Powerful 3kW heater for instant localised heat.

Hydraulic Power Pack

A portable and efficient on site power source, offering excellent power to weight ratio. These are 3 times more efficient than typical pneumatic systems.

Defender Cable Reel 20 Metres 110V Extension Lead

Defender 3.0 KVA Transformer

Defender 110V Led Floor Light

Defender 5.0 KVA Transformer

Defender 14 Metres 110V Extension Lead

Defender Splitter Box 4 Way 110V

Defender 2 Way 110V MCB Splitter Box

Defender Led Work Light 38W 110V

Defender V3 Work Light 110V

Defender Festoon String Site Lighting 100 Metres 110V

Industrial Dehumidifier

Ideal for carpets, floors and walls after flood damage. Also ideal for use after plastering.

Forklift Extension

These sturdy steel forklift extensions are easily fitted to most standard forklifts.

Diesel Fuel Bowser

Full bunded road towable diesel bowser. Legally tows 500L of diesel on the road.


Attachment for Manitou when loading roof trusses.

Drywall Sanding Kit

For sanding joints in plasterboard or removing old finishes this sander tackles the job.

2.6Kva Generator

This frame mounted diesel generator provides portable power supplying both 110V and 240V power.

Water Bowser

An on site water on tap. Mounted on a towable chassis with overrun and parking break.


Two rail approved generators are ideal for powering lighting and small site tools. 110V outputs only.

Forklift Skip

This self tipping forklift skip turns an ordinary forklift into a hand dump truck or loading shovel.

Eco Warrior Pallet Truck

Lifts pallets up to 1.5 Ton with ease.

Power Washer

These cold waters remove oil, dirt and grime quickly, with a 25° spray lance and hose included.


Providing 10kW of power the 3 phase transformer features multiple outlets for heavy duty power demand.

Turf Cutter

An efficient way to remove large areas of turf in preparation for landscape gardening projects removing up to 500m of turf per hour.

Concrete Polisher

A high power trowel producing a high specification finish on concrete.


This petrol driven cultivator makes easy work off preparing grounds for sowing and planting, lifting and separating the soil.

Concrete Mixer

The rotating tilting stand, enables you to mix up to 85L o concrete or mortar and tip straight to the barrow.

Selection of Cut Off Saws

A petrol cutter for stone, masonry and steel cutting. Great for cutting slabs and pipes.

Honda 2 inch Water Pumps

Provides he ability o lift high heads of water at excellent flow rates.

Belle Compact 350x Road Saw

High specification floor saw with industry leading low hand arm vibration levels.

Posthole Borer & Concrete breaker to suit the Kubota KX016-4